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Creativity in Counselling

So, what is Creative Counselling?

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Using art in therapy can be an extremely helpful tool. When creativity is integrated into the therapeutic relationship, a process begins that allows an externalisation of a client's hidden world.  By providing a link between the subconscious and current state, creative art can help expose thoughts and emotions that may be hidden within the client's psyche.

Artistic expression can present as simple as drawing a "stick person" or creating a complex image. When discussing the image in session, symbols within the image can be explored in a therapeutic way. This can lead to realisation and understanding of emotions.

Art is seen as an externalised symbolisation of a clients inner world, and the focus of our approach is on understanding the symbolic meaning of the art product, as well as the art making process. Working with art in this way can promote a much deeper level of exploration and psychological healing. 

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